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Christians vs South Park: the sequel

By Steven | December 14, 2007

And I’m afraid it’s 2-0 to South Park.

The BSA has once again refused to uphold a complaint against a sacreligious South Park show.

In the episode complained about, a cut-out picture of Jesus says to George Bush “Look at me, I’m Jesus. Would you like me to crap on you Mr Bush?”, and then proceeds to spray brown pellets across the screen, making loud farting noises.

If you don’t think that’s funny all by itself, there is context. The programme was mocking the squeamishness and hypocrisy of the US TV networks and public in censoring pictures of Mohammed, and also satirising itself for its part in the arms race of offensiveness in US cartoon shows.

It’s a close call, though, whether the episode was funnier than the complaint, which argued that South Park breached the law and order standard by (among other things) dissing the US flag. It also said the programme also breached standards of taste and decency and denigration (no, but worth a shot, I suppose) and accuracy, privacy, fairness and balance (WTF?).

Really, these sorts of complaints (the last one went to the High Court) do more harm than good to the Christian cause, I would have thought.

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