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What is this “Google” of which you speak?

By Steven | January 9, 2008

The Listener’s cover story this week is headed: “Strike the best sites on the internet”. Boy, does it deliver. Apparently, there’s this thing called “Google” that allows you to search trillions of websites. And there are other “search engines”, too. The story even mentions one. And that’s not all. Who knew that the Guardian and the New York Times had websites – that you can, like, check out for free?! Looks like there’s a cool site called something like “Arts & Letters Daily” (strange name though!), and a really useful encyclopaedia-type thing called “Wikipedia” (also really strange sounding, but good). Rounding out the list of useful sites are Project Gutenberg, the Art Renewal Centre, and picwash.

Believe it or not, there are actually more websites than that; there’s a bigger list online, including websites for NZ newspapers!

The Listener has also given us helpful advice about how to send emails. Thanks, Listener!

Question for discussion: what proportion of the Listener’s readers will find this information useful? It’s a serious question. I use the web a lot; maybe it’s me that’s out of touch. Am I wrong to suggest that many more readers will find this story disappointing and even insulting than will find it helpful?

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