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Lights out

By Steven | March 12, 2010

Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick slams the US Supreme Court’s astonishing decision to overturn the trial judge’s willingness to allow argument about the Californian gay-marriage case to be televised.

Oddly enough, the Supreme Court determined that because Perry is a “high profile” case, there is extra reason to turn out the lights. As it explains in its order: “This case, too, involves issues subject to intense debate in our society” and it “is therefore not a good one for a pilot program.” So, um, we the people are only fit to watch low-profile, boring cases? Or, as professor Barry Friedman put it today in the Los Angeles Times, “What, imaginably, could that bad effect be? That the American people might have views on the subject and debate them?”

So much for open justice in the US.

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