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Sensational newsbreak: Bain worships devil, shills Coke

By Steven | June 11, 2009

I’m told that if you listen to the Bain tape backward, you can distinctly hear him saying “Oh here’s to my sweet Satan”.

Also, if you speed up one passage, you’ll catch him saying: “Drink Coca Cola. Coke adds life”.

[If you’re interested in our aural suggestibility, check out this fascinating site. You can listen to the famous backwards version of Stairway to Heaven – and note that it sounds mostly like gibberish. You can catch the odd “Satan” reference, but it seems pretty much random. Then listen again with the suggested lyrics in front of you. Blow me down, you can hear them right there. The site’s creator Jeff Milner repeats the trick with a lovely variety of other songs: “Another one bites the dust” becomes “it’s fun to smoke marijuana”, for example.]

This tape is hardly evidence that Bain didn’t commit the murders. But it doesn’t seem like evidence that he did, either.

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