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By Steven | March 16, 2009

Mediawatch this weekend was terrific. I think it’s absolutely at it’s best when it’s exposing serious media lapses. The two that Mediawatch highlighted this week illustrate what I think are two of the most common ethical failings: leaving things out because the story is sexier without it (as in the case of the surf rescue story that focused on heroics of one young kid to the exclusion of the other two slightly older ones whose involvement was crucial) and airing serious criticisms or claims (often by politicians) without properly checking out the context (as in the case of Nick Smith’s apparently exaggerated doom-mongering about ACC).

Take a bow, Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

And from the same department (file under the third most common media screw-up: misunderstanding statistics) check out Keith Ng’s excellent demolition of the Herald’s front-page treatment of police statistics on crime at schools.

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