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Geddis on Crow

By Steven | March 13, 2009

My mate Andrew Geddis has been sparring with me a bit in the comments section on this blog, and is always good value. In this thoughtful post at Pundit, Andrew rightly takes on the Auckland City Council for trying to do an end-run around the NZ Bill of Rights Act in its attempt to squelch porn king Steve Crow’s Boobs on Bikes parade. He hits on a theme that pervades this blog, and lies at the heart of the BORA: any restrictions on freedom of expression must be demonstrably justified, and that test is all the more important when the views being tackled are unpopular.

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One Response to “Geddis on Crow”

  1. Andrew Geddis Says:
    March 14th, 2009 at 12:10 pm


    Might I suggest that the Auckland City Council’s real problem with the Boobs on Bikes Parade is that the tackle on view is popular?


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