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Open letter to Reading Cinemas

By Steven | October 2, 2008

I like your comfy seats.

But you know that ad you run with the fat guy in front of the TV, stuffing himself with chippies? The one where one of the books gets fed up with him and flies through the air to drive him off the couch and out the door that swings open for him, inviting him to get out?

This might be a good ad for books. Or for, say, hiking. But isn’t it stupifyingly brainless to use it to encourage people to go and sit in another building, in front of another screen, stuffing themselves with your popcorn? People, I might add, who have already taken this step and are sitting right there in your cinema.

It only makes me think I should be buying a book and heading off for a swim and a picnic instead of vegging out in your theatre.

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One Response to “Open letter to Reading Cinemas”

  1. muso Says:
    October 2nd, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    I know, like, totally! I feel like causing extreme violence and rioting every time I see that ad.


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