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Court of Appeal weighs in on Simunovich defamation case

By Steven | September 25, 2008

The defamation lawsuit brought by Simunovich Fisheries against TVNZ and others looks, from afar, like it involves the parties running an ultra-marathon through a labyrinth. Still, it’s the biggest defamation claim in NZ’s history (the plaintiffs are seeking nearly $30 million, and are arguing that most of that is actual financial losses). So there’s a lot at stake.

The Court of Appeal has issued a judgment on some of the early skirmishes relating to what documents have to be disclosed and how the issues have to be pleaded. (I say “early”, but it is some five years after the coverage in question). The decision is of interest mostly to trainspotters. Significantly, though, the court has recognised that draft scripts given by the media to lawyers for vetting don’t have to be turned over

The decision is available here.

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