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It’s defiance, Susan, but not as we know it

By Steven | August 24, 2008


Here’s Susan Pepperell’s lead in today’s Star-Times story about the Sensible Sentencing Trust’s plan to “defy” the Electoral Finance Act:

Lobby group the Sensible Sentencing Trust is planning to defy the Electoral Finance Act in the lead-up to the general election.

Its evidence that this will be an act of defiance? Read on:

McVicar said Sensible Sentencing had sought a number of legal opinions on what they “could and couldn’t do” and received a variety of views. “Some said we would be skating on thin ice but no one said we would actually be in breach of the act.”

Not one of their legal advisors said they were breaching the Act?

I know the laws are murky, but how is this an act of defiance?

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