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By Steven | June 10, 2008

Is that the courts’ decisions of public interest department? [Note: I originally unfairly said that the Ministry of Justice ran this. But it’s the judges who run this website and decide what gets posted].

Don’t you think Justice Miller’s decision on abortion law might qualify?

A media release explaining its essence might be helpful, too. Really, you’ve only got yourselves to blame if your decisions get badly explained by a rushed media and lobby groups whose job is to highlight what suits them rather than provide balance and context.

And while you’re at it, how about sticking up the High Court’s rulings on the Electoral Finance Act cases? And Justice Miller’s decision on Valerie Morse and Mark Rawnsley’s offensive behaviour protest case? The judgment of Justice Keane disagreeing with Justice Fogarty on cameras in court?

The public ought to be able to see the decisions themselves rather than have to rely on the media coverage of them.

[Update: you can find some of them, including the abortion decision, here. Thanks to the Ministry of Justice, actually.]

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One Response to “Hello?”

  1. Kiwiblog » Blog Archive » Blog Bits Says:
    June 10th, 2008 at 7:41 pm

    […] Steven Price points out to the Ministry of Justice that their site for court decisions of public interest, is missing all the interesting ones. To be fair I think it is up to the Judge to tick the box on whether it should go there, but regardless someone in the Ministry should use their common sense and make sure the EFA judgements and the abortion law one go up asap. The latest EFA is here for those who want it. […]


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