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Sauce for the goose

By Steven | June 10, 2011

Has anyone else twigged to the irony that the UK media have fought, tooth and nail, against Max Mosley’s attempt to force them to give advance notice to people whose privacy they plan to invade (which would give those people a chance to seek an injunction before the damage was done by publication)… at the same time as they’ve been fighting equally hard for the right to be given advance notice themselves of anyone who seeks an injunction against them (which would give the media a chance to turn up and argue that such an injunction should not be granted)?

For those keeping score: the media won the first point in the European Court of Human Rights (though Mosley is seeking to have the matter heard in the Grand Chamber) and seem to have pretty much won on the second as well. The Neuberger report suggests the media should usually be enabled to appear before injunctions are granted, which might well go a good long way toward killing them off.

Oh, the poor benighted British media, struggling manfully against the evil reach of their country’s gagging laws.

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