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Justice: A book so good that Garth McVicar plans to read it

By Steven | March 28, 2011

A new book on the justice system has hit the bookshop shelves. It’s called “Justice: Speaking Up For Crime’s Silent Victims”. The cover features a staunch-looking Garth McVicar, whose name also appears in large letters at the bottom.

Guess who wrote this book. Hint: not Garth McVicar. I presume when you open it up you are told that the actual author is Michael Larson, who in fact also made big decisions about the content, such as which Sensible Sentencing Trust controversies to focus on.

But that’s okay, because Garth says he’s “checked the facts, made sure that things are right” , according to an interview with Victoria University student mag, Salient.

Except – and I almost fell out of my chair when I read this – Garth hasn’t finished reading it yet. But he plans to… because, he says, “I understand it’s a phenomenal read”.

UPDATE: Stuff has Garth’s explanation: he’s read it chapter by chapter during the drafting, but not all at once. (If he has read it all though, why does he merely “understand” it’s a phenomenal read?)

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